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Candy at school

I need advice. Dandy gets way too much candy at school. He gets a piece or two a day from his teacher, and sometimes from the library lady, and sometimes from his classmates. We still have Christmas and Valentine's candy stockpiled and here comes Easter candy.

The problem is two-fold.
One -- Dandy gets really hyper on sugar so we limit it.
Two -- According to all the attachment experts, sweets are the fast-track to your newly adopted children's innermost beings. So, if they are to get candy, it should be from us. But how can we ever get a chance to bless them with treats when their daily quota is being exceeded (and partially consumed) at school?

It looks as if I am going to have to be the Mean Mom and tell the school NO SUGAR!! So then what happens when all the other kids get sweets? How have you handled this? Any advice?


kate said...

Say "no sugar"! (IF he were diabetic they'd have no problems with this, so...)

I used to keep packets of raisins, nuts etc. as prize options that could be bought from our class store. I'm a little baffled to hear that they get candy every day at school...

I had friends growing up who got one day to eat as much of their Halloween candy as they wanted and then it got thrown out. My dad's a dentist, so we were strictly one-a-day kids. It really did last a LONG time.

Elle said...

I too find it odd that they give so much candy at school.

So if candy is a treat at school is there anything else that he absolutely loves that could be a special "at home" treat. Stickers?

Otherwise I agree and say no candy at school.

MMrussianadoption said...

A lot of schools have already stopped giving out junk food and are banning parties too. Just ask the teacher if she could give out stickers or stamps or little trinkets instead of candy. Even offer to provide some if neccesary.