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Menu Planning: eat your freezer

I am so weary of deciding what is for dinner every night and apparently I am not the only one. Click on over to The Reign of Ellen and glean from the Top Five ideas that she has gathered there.

My usual plan is to plow through our freezer looking for ideas. Our freezer is packed because I hate shopping and I do it in huge binges to get it over with. The Gift picks up milk, eggs, and salad stuff in the interim.

So, the new plan:

:: close eyes
:: open freezer
:: reach in
:: grab something
:: make it in to dinner (maybe I can use some of the the Top Five ideas.)

Obviously this is going to be a problem if there are sweets in the freezer, but there aren't any in ours.

So far I've grabbed and made:
:: bread -- grilled cheese sandwiches and soup
:: pre-shredded cheddar -- fish tacos
:: teriyaki chicken -- chicken burgers
:: frozen chicken -- lemon garlic roast chicken
:: teriyaki meatballs -- sauteed peppers, can o' pineapple chunks, sesame seeds, and rice.

What's in your freezer? What will you make with it?

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MMrussianadoption said...

that is pretty much what I do for dinner.