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haircuts: my evil plan

The Gift really needs a haircut. Here is my plan.

First I bought a home haircut kit.

Then I learned to use my new home haircut kit on my formerly handsome but ever-good-natured son.

I then showed the formerly handsome Dandy to the Shaggy-Haired Gift, saying, "I'll be happy to cut your hair for you after work tomorrow."

I'm obviously expecting that he will get a proper cut on the way home. If not, I did warn him and even if I botch his as badly as I did Dandy's, it couldn't look worse than it does now.


Elle said...

I used to cut the trusty husband's hair all the time. We couldn't afford haircuts. I too bought a clipper set and got to work. I didn't botch it too bad the first time. The trick is to use the shortest cutting combs on the back and sides and the longer cutting ones on the top. The hard part is blending the two together lest you get a bowl cut.

Or you could do what I did to the boy for the longest time and shave the whole thing and leave long bangs. Oh baby orphanage!

AEmom said...

I did the same thing to Aidan. Now he's 13, and refuses to have me cut his hair anymore. So its off to Supercuts for us!

mommyto5 said...

Too funny I cut my boys hair too, dh cuts his own and mine:), I still always accidently cut the boys shorter than I like just trying to even out my mistakes:( Your ds is such a cutie pie no matter how you cut his hair, he looks happy!