Quote of the Day


such a lovely morning

The children were very busy in their playroom this morning making something, I didn't know what, but it involved a lot of paper and paste.

Later, while sitting on the porch, they asked me if I was ready. Well sure, ready for what?

tree, cloud, sun, rainbow

They started singing Happy Birthday and presented me with the gifts they had been making all morning: little scraps of paper adorned with odd bits of broken toys etc. But they had each draw me a picture. A real picture, in that one could identify the parts (tree, cloud, sun, rainbow). Prior to this, their pictures had been blobs of color, requiring much translation.

It isn't my birthday today; I just applied the greetings retroactively.

edited to add that we had such a nice morning, making applesauce and just enjoying one another, that we forgot to go to school. Whoops!

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