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blogger's block

It's not that I don't have anything to blog about, it's that I have too much. Too many things that I need to do a little research on and process and then share.

Here is what is muddling up my already weary head:

Micro-chipping newborns. Google it and it will take you straight to some wacko websites of paranoid conspiracy theorists. So why am I going to blog about it? Because I got an email last week that said this: "Actually when our newborn was born (December 12, 2007), they asked us if we wanted to have him "Chipped"; the Hospital explained if he was every kidnapped or ran away or something we could find him." (implication: GPS chips). So, I need to research this. I truly hope there was a misunderstanding. I know they put an electronic tag on the umbilical cord thingamajig to make sure baby isn't carried off the ward, but the tag part of the thagamajig is removed/turned off when baby is discharged. Anyway, the very idea is so alarming that I need to look into it further. The whole chipping thing is rather disturbing.

Bush's insane plans for the Federal Reserve
. I'll pull together a coherent post on that as soon as I can talk about it without foaming at the mouth.

Sensory Integration Issues. According to Chickadee's Occupational Therapist, I need to become knowledgeable on this too.

and, I've become a podaholic. I'm too busy listening to the voices in my pocket to do much writing these days. I'm hoping to post a list of my favorite podcasts in the near future.



Amy Lu said...

People-chipping is happening. (No, I'm not a nut... yet)

Vicente Fox was micro-chipped with a GPS chip while he was still in office.

So, on some level it's happening. And I read somewhere that the next step would be kids. Either a GPS chip sold under that guise - kidnapping/runaway. Or a chip with medical info on it so that if your child ever needs emergency care, all the info needed is right there.

It's creepy-disturbing!

Shelby said...

I'm an ardent Podcast fan of This American Life. If you're not already a listener, I highly recommend it!!!