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The Ultimate Gift

We watched The Ultimate Gift yesterday evening. What a great movie! A spoiled little trust fund kid gets an odd inheritance from his Grandfather: a series of gifts which serve to build character and industry and compassion and forgiveness in the heart of this otherwise materialistic and shallow young man. Very well done with many good discussion starters.



Anonymous said...

I had not heard of this. Sounds interesting. I'll have to check it out. It's on DVD? Would it be appropriate to watch with my fifth grader?

Anonymous said...

I love that movie. My mom and I saw it in the theater and I recently purchased it.

Suzanne said...

Yes Rachael, we watched it with our 6 year old and our 8 year old.

Anonymous said...

We just watched it last weekend too and loved it. I just love it when a movie beats your expectations. It is such a surprising event these days.