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So about an hour after we got home last night I encountered a dangerous-smelling odor in the back half of the house. I shouted "run to the neighbors" to the kids (who instantly obeyed - yeah for evacuation plans that work), got the pets out, turned off the one remaining heater and the stove and called 9-1-1. They came out and found nothing. I had left the doors open as I fled, and as it was very windy yesterday, the house had aired out already. Nevertheless they turned off the gas and left it off. No heater, no hot water, no cook-top. Whaa Whaa Whaa.

This morning the Gas man came out and found two leaks -- neither in the area of the intense odor -- but good to know about nevertheless. He fixed the leak near the water heater and turned the cooktop off forever. At least we have hot water and heat in the bedrooms. Cooktops? Who needs em?

To clarify, we have two heaters, one in the old house and one in the addition. The old house heater is still out-of-commission.

What is with my appliances this year? fridge? heater? dishwasher? cooktop? They appear to have made an evil alliance with servicemen. Well I am done with it. We are not spending any more money that we don't have. If it breaks, we will do without. I'm saying this loudly so that the remaining appliances will know that any wamby-pamby behavior will not result in any extra attention. Only positive behavior is rewarded around here. HRMPH!!!



Heather said...

We have been there. Yuck. Praise the Lord my dad lives nearby and knows all about such things.

elle said...

At least you purchased that microwave.

Kim from Hiraeth said...

Gravatar Oh, dear!

We've had years like you're having now and I guess the only encouraging word I can leave here is that "this too shall pass." I know it doesn't feel like that now, but I promise; there is a limit to how many things can break and how long it will take for it all to work out.

So sorry. . .

Suzanne said...

That's the worst of it Heather. Every time something breaks I want to dial 1-800-DAD and then I have to go grieve that stuff all over again.