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running running running

:: Thursday :: lunch at a friend's; 3 cords of wood delivered, hauled wood all afternoon
:: Friday :: Chickadee to Eye Surgeon ~ six more weeks of patching and then surgery on both eyes. Details to follow in some other post. Stopped in to visit my aunt on the way home ~ the kids had many great adventures which I will post about later. Spent the afternoon gardening at Mom's.
:: Saturday :: GOP meeting. I was elected to the position of Secretary of the party for this county. Spent the afternoon cleaning our south garden and ate dinner on the deck for the first time since last summer.
:: Sunday :: off to visit The Gift's parents (1.5 hours away). Chickadee bonked her head on the coffee table so we ended the day at our local ER just to make sure things were fine. They were.
:: Monday :: off to Children's Hospital for Chickadee's legs. Details to follow in some other post. Stopped by The Children's Place outlet store on the way home: 4 pairs of kids' summer shoes for $15.00.
:: Tuesday :: home, sweet home.



Shelby said...

Sounds like Chickadee's got a lot going on right now. She'll be in my prayers. Glad her bumped head is okay!

Kate said...

Busy! And a tease... Looking forward to more stories.

Shelby's right--Chickadee seems to need some extra prayers for health and safety right now. Will lift her up!