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works for me: 8 podcasts to inform & amuse

Oh my word. I may have found the cure for Mommybrain.

I've discovered podcasts, and no, you don't need an iPod to hear a podcast. Simply download iTunes and subscribe to some podcasts. Here are my favs:

All these are links to free iTune podcasts, unless otherwise indicated.

I'll publish full lists of each category some other time, but for now, here are my top choices.

Books & Literature : Classic Poetry Aloud ~ a nice man with a delicious voice reads classic poetry; he even takes requests!

Christianity & Modern Life: The Kindlings Muse - a conversation about American culture from a God-seeking perspective. Often recorded in a coffee house or pub here in Cascadia.

Comedy: CBC Radio Comedy Factory

Educational: Mises Institute ~ lectures from Murray Rothbard and others on economy, Austrian theory, the Federal Reserve Bank and more

Informative: Podictionary ~ a fascinating exploration of the origins and connections of words.

Kid Stuff: StoryNory ~Reader Natasha has a chocolate truffle voice which we just adore.

Sermons (because faith cometh by hearing): CS Lewis - note these are sermons referencing Lewis, not written by Lewis

Story-tellers: Nelson Lauver, The American Storyteller

These won't help with your forgetfulness, but they will give you something worth thinking about for a few minutes.

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Annie Kitching said...

My favorite podcase is "This American Life".