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yat: years ago today

Thirteen years ago today I married the nicest man. We had a lovely small ceremony on a Sunday afternoon in my parents' living room, marrying in front of the fireplace with our parents as our attendants. My sister and brother provided the music and our reception was a wonderful open house at home. It was old-fashion, peaceful, and low-stress.

a perfect wedding

The morning of the wedding, my family went to church and I stayed home. I picked flowers from the garden and made the posies for us to wear or carry. We hired a portrait (not wedding falderal) photographer to come for one hour and take portraits. We did not photograph the wedding, but had it video-taped. Tonight we will share that video with our children and look at our albums.

It was a perfect wedding. I only wish I had invited a few more people; we kept the guest list too short.

One year ago we celebrated our anniversary in Russia as we waited to meet our children. We started with snow and then more doctor visits and a strange lunch and then ended the day eating at The Ruskie where we were seated near the large table of highly decorated military officials and another table full of black-suited sun-glass wearing men with gold filed (that's not a typo for filled; I really mean filed, as in pointy, all pointy) teeth and small black satchels hand-cuffed to their wrists. We were prepared to duck at anytime.

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