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I finally finished it! It just wasn't a read-straight-through kind of book. One had to stop to go find, buy, pot, and dither over heirloom tomatoes, and then stop again to locate, order, await, receive, and play with cheese-making supplies. I did briefly consider chickens, but reigned myself in.

It was a great book. It was a pleasure to read, and was very informative and inspiring. I've already changed the way I shop.

Here is the last snippet that I will share with you from Animal, Vegetable, Miracle.

When we traded home-making for careers, we were implicitly promised economic independence and worldly influence. But a devil of a bargain it has turned out to be in terms of daily life. We gave up the aroma of warm bread rising, the measured pace of nurturing routines, the creative task of molding our families' tastes and zest for life; we received in exchange the minivan and the Lunchable. (Or worse, convenince-mart hot dogs and latchkey kids.) I consider it the great hoodwink of my generation. (p 126-127)


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