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We spent yesterday at the Darrington Bluegrass festival. Last year it was 106 degrees and we melted. This year it was solid pouring drenching rain. We wore raingear and sat under umbrellas and plastic sheets; when it was all over I stripped the kids in the car and wrung water out of their under-things. We were soaked. Fortunately it was not cold, just cool and the music was great. We got to hear Country Current (the Navy bluegrass band) and Rhonda Vincent and the Rage. This all was, of course, the day after I stayed up all night reading Harry Potter.

So, we got home last night at 1 am and fell into bed. Today we gathered at my parents' home for a 4-person birthday bash. This was Chickadee's first birthday party EVER and she loved it. Lovely presents were exchanged and cousins played and a good time was had by all. She'll be 6 on Tuesday.


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