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Our Thanksgiving

We love having Thanksgiving at our house. Okay, Wednesday wasn't so fun, as we were cleaning madly, but the rest of the holiday has been a marvelous; our first "all family" Thanksgiving meal (i.e. both sides of the family at the same time).

My Gift's brother and sister-in-law came up and met our children for the first time. They spent the night and yesterday we all went for an outing on a local island where Dandy learned why it is unwise to play on slippery logs near deep cold water in November. After I got him stripped and into the truck and the heater on I asked him if he would have preferred that I had told him not to play on the log. He said no, that he had really learned it better the wet way. He did ask me to remind him next time he is clambering on the logs. While at the beach, we ran across a GeoCache, which is kinda fun.

Thursday was also the first time since last December that my Dad came into our house, initiating the wheelchair ramp that My Gift has been working so hard on every weekend this fall. It was just a joy to me to hear my Dad chatting in the living room as I got the food onto the table.

We did learn some things worth remembering/sharing:
:: When cleaning for a family holiday, any talk of doing just a basic clean, not getting obsessive, is just that: talk. My Gift will be unable to find his end and every surface in the house (window tops etc.) will dusted, polished and tidied up. I'm not saying this is a bad thing . . .
:: Brining a turkey in Williams Sonoma turkey brine is the way to turkey perfection. My very first turkey was an unmitigated success. Hat tip to Pioneer Woman of course.
:: 25 pounds of turkey is more than is needed for 13 people; again, I'm not saying this is a bad thing . . .
:: forgetting to take many pictures on such a day is a cause for deep regrets
:: one can indeed have a good Thanksgiving meal without green bean casserole.
:: playing Chinese Checkers in pajamas is a perfectly wonderful way to spend Thanksgiving Saturday. With two fridges full of yummy leftovers and a clean house, I can twiddle away the day.

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