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works for me: keeping kids occupied

In a flash of desperation/genius I grabbed a pad of paper and tore off a bunch of sheets. On each one I wrote an activity (chore or other) and put them all in a jar. No longer do I have to decide a zillion times a day whom will do what next and for how long. We just go to the jar and draw out our fate.

Activities include:
:: eat a cookie
:: sweep the kitchen floor
:: empty the wastebaskets
:: do 1 hour of homework
:: read a book with Mom
:: throw the ball for Bear
:: get the mail
:: wipe off the counters
:: tidy the dining room table
:: do 1 hour of Rosetta Stone
:: make cocoa for everyone
:: fold & deliver a load laundry
:: tidy your bedroom
:: tidy a bathroom
:: watch a movie
:: eat a piece of chocolate
:: 1 hour of free choice
:: do a craft project
:: vacuum a room of Mom's choosing
:: do the dishes
:: tidy up the playroom
:: clean 2 litter boxes
:: call a relative to say "hi"
:: tidy up the bunny room
:: sweep & tidy the front porch
:: vacuum the dog beds

About 2/3 are not so fun, and about 1/3 are fun. The hope of getting a fun one keeps the kids engaged, and they have figured out that the more slips they draw, the higher the chances of getting a fun one, so they don't dawdle on the chores. My favorite part is that I don't have to decide what everyone is going to be doing and for how long.

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