Quote of the Day


and more cousins

Because you can never have too many days with cousins. Not only did a whole bunch of relatives come over today (I lost count at about 30) but two of them are spending the night. We packed a picnic dinner for the 100 acre wood and now they are bunking down for the night indoors. I'm just not ready to a) let them sleep out there unaccompanied or b) accompany them.

My Gift and Dandy did sleep out there last night, I heard it was bumpy and cold. Imagine that.

Nevertheless, today was sunny and full of food and family. We had a great day jumping into the pool fully clothed,

swinging in the hammock,
chatting on the deck,
picking bing cherries,
opening presents,
and generally having fun with cousins,
and each other.

And this? This is a great photo of my notoriously camera shy Uncle:



Anonymous said...

ahhh, the elusive Uncle B!!

Anonymous said...

That is a lovely photo of your uncle!

Anonymous said...

great party!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Great photos! That's a gorgeous shot of the kids too.