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100 Acre Wood

My Gift got up and mowed a trail to the 100 Acre Wood this morning. Here we are, enjoying it.

When I showed him this picture, he remarked that this is the best picture we have ever had of her, that she looks happy. I thought "eh? We have tons of great pictures of her." I meant the daughter. He meant the dog.



Nature Mama said...

Hi :) I usually just read quietly and enjoy your entries but I had a quick question about your mower :) The grass in your field is quite high and I was curious if you have a special attachment you used to cut your field or is it just the mower blade? The reason I ask is that we have an ancient tractor with the old scissor type grass cutter that we hay fields with but we have a nice new mower that could perhaps take an attachment if there were such a thing *grin* Thanks.

Suzanne said...

Hi Nature Mama, thx for delurking. He weedeated that first and then set the mower blade on high to mow it. We would love to have one of those pull behind brush cutters, which would eliminate the weed-eating stage.

Nature Mama said...

Thanks for letting me know :) And I'm glad you found my nature blog too. Have a wonderful week!

j said...

Happy Happy! to both!