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works for me: Ebates

I don't know about you, but I love to shop online. I hate driving; I hate the mall; I hate trudging about when I could be home cooking or reading a book or blogging. So, I shop online. And I save 5-15% every single time. How? Ebates.

Ebates is an affiliate for 100s of stores. That means that whenever someone clicks into a store from the Ebates site, Ebates makes some money. And if you create an Ebates account -- which is free -- and access the stores through the Ebates site, Ebates shares some of that money with you.

This year, I've gotten back almost $100 on ordinary purchases. Jeans, socks and underwear, gifts, etc. I've arranged for that money to go into my PayPal account and I'll spend it from there on more Ebates purchases. Works for me!

edited to add that they are offering a $10.00 bonus if you sign up and buy something. I don't know how long this lasts.

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