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I tell you, other than finding a spider on my person, I really can't think of anything less desirable than being dive-bombed by a bat whilst sitting peacefully at my computer. I do confess to thinking that bats are rather cute, but this is just too much.

Have I mentioned what a gentleman I married? At the sound of my squawking he lept from bed and is, at this very moment, gallantly chasing the bat through the house whilst I and the kitties hide in the office.

In other news, the goats have escaped every day this week. The root canal is in the past. We are still waiting for our court date.

Here, for your aesthic enjoyment, is a copy of one of the prints that we are putting in the addition. Yes, I shamelessly lifted this from art.com, but we'll count it as free advertising for them.

Updated at ten to one: Here is some interesting bat trivia. Bats have such sleepy metabolismd that they cannot launch themselves into flight without doing some shivering to warm themselves up. This is very handy to know if your husband gave up on bat removal, trapped the bat in the living room and closed all the doors but the front door, hoping that the bat would find its way out and if said bat decided instead to nap on your curtains. It is amazing how tiny a bat really is. While flapping about my ears he was the size of a chickadee, but with his wings all folded up he was the size of a walnut. Because I knew that he was incapable of launching into motion, I wasn't afraid (okay, I was, but it had to be done) to go pick him up with a towel and return him to the night, where he belongs. He was very cute and small and nervous looking. Shivering even.

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