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My terrible horrible no good very bad day, and yes, it included a dentist

When your day starts at 7:00 with the dentist saying, 'Yes, you are correct, you do need a root canal" you truly do want to just go home and crawl back in bed, but no! Onward ho! to class then to a ton of errands and then, what is that smokey/steamy stuff arising from the hood of the car? Sure it has been wisping like that for a long time, but this is no longer a wisp. Billow would be the word. And yes, the temperature needle is really really high.

Okay, pull over into the Wallmart lot, call around for a ride, have a good cry and think "surely, what else could go wrong?" (Never ever ask this, as an answer will be supplied). One of those big bucket trucks pulled up next to me to change the lightbulb of the parking lot light and of course it needed to keep its great big engine running the power the bucket, and of course the great big engine resonates, nay, takes occupancy in my tooth. BRRRRuummmm BRRRUUUUMMMMMM.

Yeah for Jamie who dropped everything and left work to rescue me (him leaving work is a Big Deal but with me weeping in the Wallmart lot, what else could he do?) and double Yeah to my Mom who was picking raspberries in her garden and thought "Suzi (she's allowed to call me that still) needs me; I should call her." She called and we were able to reroute Jamie back to work and she brought me home. I want to be a Mom like her.

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