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Happy News for Other Families . . .

Yesterday was pretrail day in Russia for the two families in the batch immediately ahead of our batch. We've endured the long long wait with these folks and are elated that the judge found no problems with their paperwork and set court dates for mid-August for them.

If the judge keeps the same time-frame for our pretrial (a week from tomorrow), we are very likely to have court the 4th week of August which would let us overlap in Khab with these other families; that would be a real treat.

I love happy news. If you are craving more happy news, run over to Kim's blog and see the pics of her whole family.

In the meantime, Jamie and I cramming for court: coming up with possible judgely questions and polishing our answers. Q: "Why Russia?" A: "We are masochists; we like mountains of meaningless forms and the agony on interminable delays." As you can see we have some work to do.

Edited to add that apparently D&L are also cramming. We should have a study session.

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