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Happy Birthday Juliana!

Today our lovely daughter turns five. I don't know if there will be a party or a treat or a gift. I like to think there would be, but there probably isn't. When we gave the children little goodie bags they were awe-struck. Not with the goodie bags, but with the concept of individual ownership. I don't think that these are children accustomed to receiving gifts.

Our birthday wishes for you Juliana are so big, and so small.

  • We wish for you a speedy court date and a favorable ruling (this it the big part).

  • We wish for you a bit of birdsong, as you loved the chirp my camera made.

  • We wish for you a touch-up on your nailpolish, as the polish we put on has surely faded and you so clearly loved having your nails sparkle pinkly at you.

  • We wish for you three square meals a day, tender care-givers, and the opportunity to learn and to laugh.

  • We wish you were here.

My birthday is in late August. I'm sure you know what I am wishing for.

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