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What I learned today . . .

I learned why you don't set up your ironing board over your nice new area rug (if your area rugs are wool, you may put your ironing boards wherever you please). For the rest of us -- who are making do with polyester knockoffs -- thou shalt not set up your ironing board over your rug.

I don't sew. I don't iron. But I hate sewing more than I hate ironing. I am cuciraphobic. Yes, I made that word up because the great list of phobias does not include a sewing phobia. I digress. I hate sewing more than ironing, yet curtains have to be made for the addition: 13 sets, some of them have sheers. Enter the magic of StitchWitchery.

Cut. Iron small flap. Insert white stuff into flap. Iron again. Even I can do this!

However, if your iron is resting on the ironing board and the puppy jostles the ironing board, as puppies are wont to do, you will get a lovely iron-shaped pattern melted into your rug.

Even more reason to hate ironing.

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