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Happy Happy Joy Joy

See all those fireworks out there? They are in celebration that we have been filed. They are actually FileWorks, but we have that "l" "r" pronunciation problem -- must have picked that up from my Korean students. Okay, yes, I am silly - giddy even.

What does being filed mean? That the court has all our documents, and all the children's documents, and that we are now eligible to receive a court date. It is theoretically possible that we could be asked to travel at any time. Unlikely, but possible.

The judge had 60 days from whenever we were filed, presumably last week (let's say the 28th of June) in which to either ask for new paperwork or set a court date. She could, on the 27th of August, set the date for ages and ages hence, but it is more likely that she will set the date for around the 60 day mark. Yes, this puts it near my birthday -- that would be quite a birthday present!

So, I'll get those bags packed and gather up another round of paperwork.

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