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1. Juliana grew! We got updated height and weight last night and I was so sad as Julina still weighed the same as she did in January (we got May numbers yesterday). This morning I took a closer look and she grew 2.75 inches between January and May. This is very exciting. She still weighed 30 pounds, but she was taller - 3 feet tall in May. Andy gained 1 kilo and 4 centimeters between November and May, so he was 44 lbs and 47 inches tall in May, when he was last measured.

2. The kids are and have been at summer camp all summer. !!!!!! That's all we know. It is rather surreal to get email telling you where your kids are, and it is somewhere you had never even thought about.

3. Our really important HAS-TO-BE-THERE-BY-AUGUST-FIRST-OR-ELSE documents were delivered to Khabarovsk last night. Remember the road trip on July 12th? Same documents. Apparently they have been touring the world the long way between leaving in Olympia on the 12th and arriving in Khab on the 27th.

4. Yesterday was, btw, our 19-months pregnant marker.

5. One of the bloggy families I follow -- Damon and Kim -- just brought home two little boys who are only a month older than Juliana. You may enjoy reading her informative posts.

6. We bought a Mommy-Car. Yup. It's the newest car I have ever owned, only ten years old, 1996 Green Subaru Legacy. I'm very happy with it.

7. Art for the day, courtesy of art.com:

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