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When your children first arrive home, how do you plan to help them acclimate to a new family, a new culture?

Think of it like this. You are on a big trip (travel, not vacation) to Europe. Every day is full of new experiences, new food, new language, new non-verbal cues, new expectations of how you will be treated. Now in the middle of that, someone asks you to process some really big emotional stuff. “Not Now!� you would cry out.

Living here in America with us will the the new-new-new for our kids. I have to help that exhausting novelty transition to reliable routine so that they can do the emotional house-keeping. We’ll do that by keeping the orphanage schedule and limiting the number and frequency of outings and adventures. For them, getting out of bed in the morning will be an adventure.

We’ll be heeding the good advice found here: 10 Tips After Your Older Child is Home.

We are not putting them in school. If I work at all - which is a maybe - it will be two mornings a week, 3 hours each. We will be homebodies, which suits me just fine. :)

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