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Road Trip

We're off to see the Wizard, the wonderful Wizard of Apostille. Yes, it is Road Trip #4 to Olympia for the most recent version of the "one last document". This time we are picking up in Renton, apostilling in Olympia, FedExing to Alaska and saying (again) "Done! Done at last! Done at last!"

What does apostille mean? It is adoption speak for getting a State seal put on your document thereby affirming that the notary's signature is that of a legitimate authentic notary. Of course the notary was affirming that the document is a legitimate authentic copy of a licence. What does the license do? It documents that the social worker is a legitimate authentic social worker. What does the social worker do? She documents that we are a legitimate authentic couple waiting to be parents. You might think that this last part is the important part. You would be wrong in thinking this. The important part is the fancy State seal that we will drive across state for tomorrow.

Three cheers for Dad, who is doing this trip with me, again.

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