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works for me: allowances

We have finally figured out what to do about allowances. We had avoided giving weeklies as Dandy tended to see it as payment for chores and was setting up his fee schedule.

Instead, we celebrate 1/4, 1/2, and 3/4 birthdays with the appropriate amount of money. For example, when Dandy turns 8 1/4, he will get $8.25. 8 1/2 garners $8.50, and so on. This will be $33.00 for the year which is a lot of money for an eight-year old. He could actually buy something of worth with this and the 3 month wait between paydays helps dampen the spend-today-for- tomorrow-there-will-be-more thinking.

And as a happy side effect, I don't have to remember to have loose change on hand every week. Works for me!


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