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Works for Me: bad mom?

I know that the rest of you are all really patient people that always speak to your children in mild voices and that I am probably the only one that gets really really crabby when I hear, after a full nanosecond of wimpy searching, these words:

I can't find it.

ARGH! Oh I hates it; I hates it.

So, money can't buy happiness, but it can buy me a little peace of mind. For any 'lost' item that I have to help find, a fee must be paid. If all that is needed is for me to speak, it is a mere 25 cents. If I must get up from my task, it's 50 cents, and if I have to go to another floor of the house it's a full dollar. Rates go up if I am busy.

It is amazing how much this simple fee-for-service notion has improved their vision. Items previously lost for all time are now findable.

So, I'm sure I am a bad mom for resorting to this. My only questions are, am I a bad mom for getting crabby when they do wimpy looking? or a bad mom for making them pay me to help? or for both?

I should mention, that if a child has indeed earnestly and thoughtfully looked for something I waive my fees (sometimes).~Suzanne

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