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25 random things

As promised, the 25 random things:

1. I am an INTJ. I am married to an ISFP.
2. I really dislike scrapbooking; this is a problem as I am supposed to make LifeBooks for my kids and they are sure to be maladjusted adults if I don't get going on this.
3. I've flown all the way around the world - west-bound.
4. People think I am more competent and confident than I really am. I just don't put myself forward unless I know what I am doing.
5. I hate TV. Blech.
6. I have a manuscript-in-progress.
7. Now that we have a wii, I may get to work on my manuscript.
8. I was blessed with really good people for parents. I love to spend time with them.
9. I like to cook and bake.
10. I have significant arthritis in my hands which is interfering with #9 more than my family realizes.
11. I've never been pregnant.
12. I have two kids.
13. I don't gamble or smoke.
14. I drink wine or dark beer and very rarely, a martini.
15. I really like technological wonderments: iRobot, iTouch, etc.
16. I'm a dusty house-keeper. This drives my husband nuts.
17. I teach community college English classes online and often in my PJs.
18. We bought our wedding rings at a gold mine in Wales.
19. I own 2 power drills of my own and know how to use them, but I don't sew. In fact, I am rather sewaphobic.
20. I call my husband My Gift from a Generous God.
21. We have six house-pets.
22. I really enjoy learning new software.
23. I do most of my shopping on-line, except for groceries.
24. I keep a blog: :: Adventures In Daily Living ::
25. I'm a homebody. It would take weeks at home for me to get cabin fever.


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Anonymous said...

I have let my children down significantly in the Lifebook/Babybook department too. It is on my perpetual to do list.

I envy you your technological wonderment. I have a love/hate relationship with those sort of things. I am the queen of technological malfunction. Although I must say...I am growing fonder by the day of my Blackberry.

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