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works for me: keeping my iTouch organized

If you don't have an iTouch or iPhone and are annoyed by people who do, just skip this post.

I want to share a trick with you for keeping your iTouch apps organized.

Move all but one of your apps off of your front page. Then, as you use them, move them one-by-one back to the front. This keeps the front page restricted to your most-used apps, the ones you click on every day, usually multiple times.

When the first page is starting to get full, do the same process on the second page or use pages 2-6 for categories of apps.

Here are my lean essentials-only first page and my second holding the the second-stringer apps: things I use a couple times a week.

Page 3 is for my toys and page 4 is for kid toys home-schooling applications.

Pages 5 & 6 are the third stringer apps -- things I want to have, but don't use very often.

Remember, you don't have to fill a page. A half-full page is much easier to scan. Was that helpful? or am I really pathetic?


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