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an overflow of cousins

Today we were blessed with another cousinly visit. A cousin from afar had some tasks to tend to so she left her 4 very nicely behaved and pleasant children with me. We made raspberry jam, picked the pie cherries, made sour cherry jam, rode bikes, trekked into the 100 acre wood, and generally had a lovely time.

I do admit, though, that I am tired after our fifth consecutive day of socializing. We had Friday at the lake with cousins local and far-flung, Saturday cousins-from-afar at our house, Sunday many local cousins at our house and overnight, Monday swimming with local cousins at their place and Tuesday cousins-from-afar at our house again. On Wednesday we are staying home. Alone.



Don Holmes said...

what do you mean - home alone on wed?

Suzanne said...

Well not THAT alone, Dad. I don't count you as a visitor . . .