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Kuparuk, North Slope

Sometime this month My Gift is flying to the top of the world to do some inspections at the drillings on the North Slope.

It's 24-hour day there and 50-60 degrees. I'm very happy that he is going now, and not mid-winter when it is 24-hour dark and quite cold.

Maybe he will see one of these:

Here is a link to Kuparuk pics.



Rhonda said...

Gravatar I worked up there quite a bit. I did see a polar bear a couple of times, but they were always out floating on the ice. Never saw one up close (thank goodness). Grizzlies are much more likely. I saw several of those near the quarters. I'm assuming he's staying at Kuparuk, and not Prudhoe?

If he jumps into the Arctic, he's an official member of the polar bear club.


Rhonda said...

Oh yes, and if he goes out to the seawater treatment center, tell him to ask the guys on duty why there are steel bars around the entrance. (hint, it has to do with the animal you have pictured)

Heather said...

Wow, never been West of Ohio. Can't imagine.

Serena said...

Suzanne, bring the kids and stop in Anch to see me.

PS: Grandma has bought an AG doll for upcoming birthday. Its Samantha!