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my birthday hint list

One month from today is my birthday!! I'll be 45. Oh my. I'm sure that each and everyone of you will be sending me large and extravagant gifts, right?

Maybe not. But just in case My Gift from a Generous God is reading this list, or someone that knows him is and can strategically hint for me, here is what I am wishing for.

:: A really good deck lounge chair which should be on sale this time of year.
:: This Hempmania handbag, easily found at any
Hemp-oriented store. No I am not going to smoke it -- Hemp handbags last forever. I bought the previous generation of this bag back in the early 90's and it is just now wearing out.
Any of these items on my amazon wish list
:: A LUSH giftcard or a pot of Dream Cream

    Dream Cream Body Cream


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