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Here is Dandy, processing one of our big life events:

Dandy, on toy phone: He did?
Why was he cutting down a tree?
Did he know how boring it is to sit in a wheelchair?
Is he happy with this choice?
I'm going to have to tell Mom. She'll cry. Hang on a minute.
(small pause)
Okay, she's crying now.
Tell him not to be sad. I'll come play chess with him.
Okay. Bye.

So he pretty much distilled the whole thing into a few sentences: boredom, regret, sorrow, hope, acceptance. I love that kid.

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Heather said...

First I didn't know that that had happened. I am so sorry. Second his conversation and working through all those points was AWESOME!

Crystal said...


That is beautiful

I'm not sure what else to say. Wow, sums it up for me

Annie said...

Say what? I must have had a broken link. It went to the first news about your dad's accident- was this right?

Suzanne said...

yes, that is right. Dad's accident was one of the big life events that my kids have processed recently.