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works for me: 5 ingredient recipes

Shannon over at Rocks in My Dryer has asked for recipes that use 5 ingredients. Here are some of mine that mostly fit that criteria:

Chocolate Happiness Cake
Crème Fraiche & Yogurt
Eggplant Parmesano
No Knead Bread
Chocolate Apricot Coconut Pecan Balls
Greek Potatoes
Pumpkin Soup
Chunky Feta Dressing
Hot Fudge Sauce
Shortbread Cutouts


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Sandy said...

I so wish you were going to be here tomorrow-we will be thinking of you all. Have a great week. Thanks for your comments on my posts - I feel connected to you guys through the blog.

Joy @ Joy Of Desserts said...

Several lovely recipes here. I'm going to look around some more. Thanks.