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Head-to-Toe Beauty Secrets: Pedicure

Back when we had two incomes and no kids I would occasionally go get a real pedicure. Oh what fun it was to have cute toes. But the new reality does not allow for such things. No matter, I'm a DIY kind of gal.

Home Pedicure How To: cheap, easy, and fun. I do mine while I listen to the children read to me. I use:

Pedicure Secret #1: Sally Hansen Instant Cuticle Remover ~ put this onto your cuticles and around the edges of the nails if you have dead skin piling up there. EEEEwwww. That just looks terrible in print. Anyway, wait a minute and then rub it off with a soft brush.

Pedicure Secret #2: The HoMedics JetSpa Deluxe Foot Bath with Super Quiet Bubbles, 4 Powerful Jets, Spinning Pedicure and 3 Attachments which My Gift gave me several years ago and I thought it rather dorky at the time, but this was before I spent hours each day listening to small children read to me.

Pedicure Secret #3: After your feet have been dried off, it's time for Sally Hansen's Color Quick Nail Pen in Sheer Pink if you like tame toes or in Hot Pink for bold toes. I use the sheer pink on my hands and the hot pink for perky toes.

Either way, nail pens are the way to go. No more bottles to spill or brushes to drip from. You use a nail pen as you would a marker. Super easy.

Pedicure Secret #4: Now if you are feeling especially frivolous, you'll want to either paint a little flower on your toe (tedious and nearly impossible to do well) or cheat with a little sticker.

Pedicure Secret #6: Then you'll apply a Top Coat to glue your sticker on and you're all set.

Pedicure Secret #7: Try to resist peeking at your cute toes while you drive. Don't ask me why I mention that.


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