Quote of the Day



I'm generally pro-bat. We can sit on our deck all evening without worrying about mosquitoes, thanks to the zillions of bats we house. However, they are absolutely not welcome in the playroom.

Though I should have snapped a picture, as he was rather cute all snuggled up on a pillow, I hastily tossed both he and the pillow straight out the open window. I'll need to talk with the cats about not bringing their toys into the house.



Maria said...

YIKES! Some animals just belong outdoors. Like mosquitos. And bats. LOL!

audible said...

Gravatar Shaquan loved to play catch and release with her toys. She set a bat free indoors once- she was mad at Nils for my absence and even more mad when he took away the bat.

How cats ever manage to catch such a creature is beyond me. Don't be so hard on your furry friends.