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vacation pictures

Last Thursday we snuck off to a wedding in California where the children got to charm and be charmed by many new relatives, some as remote as their dad's brother's mother-in-law's daughter-in-law, but our kids don't care; they just savor their riches: an endless supply of relatives.

We spent our first day there in our little rented cabin and the nearby pool and our first evening at the big shindig hosted by the groom's family, whereat Chickadee met two brand new (to her) first-cousins-once-removed (children of her first cousins).

And Dandy and Chickadee were very silly.

The next day we went to Sly Park on Jenkinson Lake which I thought was very beautiful although My Gift was sad to see the lake so low. Apparently all the rocky shore "isn't supposed to be there".

After an afternoon of splashing in the water and napping in the shade, we prettied ourselves up to go to the wedding.

Here is Dandy, in a rare moment of stillness and contemplation before the wedding began.
The maternal Grandmother of the bride looks splendid.

And finally the bride and her papa arrive.

Vows are exchanged,

as is a very thorough kiss.

Chickadee and the beautiful bride.

The bride and my father-in-law. Don't you think he looks like Doyle Lawson?

My lovely mother-in-law and her lovely sister.

My Gift with his big brother.

Dandy and the very fluffy new cousins.

Our nephew and his daughter.

We danced and sipped champagne and chatted well into the night and navigated the next day in a drowsy haze.

Monday we went to Lake Tahoe where we buried the children alive,

but they got out, so we fed them lunch and headed home.

On the way we dropped by the their Uncle's firehall for a tour.

Then we packed up and came home.


Anonymous said...

Wonderful--looks like you all had fun, and learned lots. I grew up with my mom's extended family--she is oldest of the oldest which means tons of cousins once removed.:)

Anonymous said...

Great photos ... and the Grandmother is Beautiful, not to outdo the Bride who looked fabulous too!!! Looks like a fun bunch to be part of.

Anonymous said...

What a great time! Congratulations!