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summer goals check-in

cloudscome, over at a wrung sponge, reminds me that it is time for the summer goals check-in.

1. go geocaching with the kids - nope, too hard to do without a GPS thingamagummy.
2. take children strawberry and blueberry picking - did some blueberry picking, will do more this week, along with the blackberries in our 100 acre wood
3. go swimming very often - yes. We get an A+ in swimming
4. grow and eat lots of home-grown heirloom tomatoes - still awaiting these
5. have my fall classes fully prepped by the end of June - ha ha ha, aren't I amusing.
6. make progress on manuscript - don't even know where it is
7. make lots of jam - done, strawberry and raspberry
8. install pavers into south flower garden - nope
9. stay home a lot - not recently
10. get children to at least one week of VBS - two weeks, actually
11. declutter basement - nope
12. move mill end pile out of driveway - yup. I don't remember what he did to earn this, but Dandy moved all of it (approximately 2 cords) over a weekend.
13. continue to make own bread and yogurt - off-and-on
14. reconquer the north and front flower gardens - nope
15. go to Darrington Bluegrass festival - nope

But I still have month left as we go back to school Sept 22 (that is, our homeschool co-op starts up and I start teaching at the community college).

How did you do with your goals?


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Anonymous said...

You had such a long list of goals! I think you accomplished the most important ones. What are you going to focus on in the next month?