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Friday Poetry: The Cats of Monhegan by Elizabeth Coatsworth

The Cats of Monhegan

They have never seen a meat cart,
they have seldom tasted meat,
but fish is what they dream of
when they dream of things to eat,
and when their master's dory
comes rasping up the shore
the cats and kits run thronging
to share the fish once more.

They have seldom seen a robin
nor a sparrow flying by,
but before their eyes were opened
they knew well the seagull's cry,
they knew well the seagull's mewing
and the sea's unending beat
and their master's step, home coming
with sea boots upon his feet.

They have never heard of cat shows,
but their hair is long and soft,
and their tails are plumed and shining
and they carry them aloft
as they hurry down politely
(but not greedily at all)
to congratulate their master
on the flavor of his haul.
~ Elizabeth Coatsworth

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