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Math U See

Our Math U See box arrived today and we did lesson one. Thus far, I am very impressed.

If you think about it, asking kids to learn math with pencil and paper is two abstractions away from what math really is. Ask them to write the number 3, which represents the word 'three' which represents the quantity of 3. That is two steps of abstract thought they they have to hold in their concrete-minded heads. With manipulatives, three is -- well -- three. The three-ness comes first, then the word, then the numeral.

The kids, btw, love it. They are all excited to do more tomorrow. We are starting with Alpha for Chickadee and to review for Dandy.

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Ronnica said...

Thanks for the encouraging comment on our book blog! We're always welcome to new reviewers if you're interested in joining us.

Memarie Lane said...

I'll have to look into that. We're homeschooling also, and it seems like there's not much out there for math for small kids. My daughter (3) is more into manipulatives than my son, he wants everything to be on a screen. She love splaying with foam beads, we haven't purchased any sanctioned manipulatives but I've heard they're great. You can click through to my homeschooling blog from my main blog.

audible said...

I'll be sure to pass the recommendation on to my homeschooling sister. I actually found manipulative confusing and off putting when I was a kid. Perhaps it was a learning style thing.

Annie said...

I thought Math-U-See was terrific. Unfortunately, later life proved that my Lydia has a true math disability - but, oh well! I tried.