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works for me: recent comments widget

Yipee. I have finally found a great recent comments widget. All of the ones I tried had left me wanting. Using the Blogger Feed method (where you grab your comments feed and insert it into the Blogger feed widget) didn't satisfy, as I could only display 5 comments and no snippet. I tried a similar thing with Feedburner -- which has worked nicely for all of my other feed-based widgets -- but for comments it used the first line as the title which resulted in duplicate showings of that first line. Plus, if I wanted to show the commenter's name it generated weird spacing.

At last, I found Hackosphere.

It's a really easy install. You add a couple of lines of script into your template and then add a new widget the usual way and cut-and-paste some lines into it. It blends seamlessly with my blog's look and I can easily edit both the number of comments and how long of a snippet to show.

Thanks Hackosphere!


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kate said...

Just had to come and see the new and improved version for myself. ;>