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first day in the garden


We have 9 6x6 foot garden beds. Today we forked-and-turned 3 of them, spread dead leaves on top, and re-covered them with old rugs, newspapers, tarp, what have you. One bed of clumpy muddy soil we dressed with fresh goat poop and hay, a tray of worms from my highly productive worm farm, and a tarp. One bed, also full of clumpy muddy soil, we filled with sticks and branches from last year's prunings for a bonfire (another day). That leaves us 3 more beds to fork and cover tomorrow.

My goal is to have each bed augmented and fluffed and protected from pounding rain and opportunistic weeds, so that when it is time to pop seeds in, all I have to do is that, pop seeds in.

Last year, we hand-shoveled these beds up from old meadow and tilled and raked and worked ourselves silly. Not this year.

How is your garden?


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