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top 16 iTouch applications


Well, someone had to do it: try a bunch of iTouch apps and let you know about them. Here are the results of my in-depth and obsessive-compulsive dedicated research:


icon Pandora Radio: I can't describe it any better than this:
You pick a song, album or artist and Pandora immediately builds a whole "radio station" around it, endlessly streaming complete tunes from top artists. You can even tweak your station by giving songs a thumbs-up or thumbs-down. ~ Time
It is also available for your home computer. Who needs Sirius?

iconKoi Pond:icon just what it says, with the option to shake the iTouch and feed your Koi.

iconicon iChalkyicon: a silly stick man that rattles around your screen


iconicon Shakespeare: all of the plays and quite a few sonnets and poems, for your reading pleasure. Because you never know when you might need a fix.

icon Stanza: And if the bard didn't do it for you, here you can read, oh, 100,000 other titles, for free. Who needs a Kindle?


icon Omnifocus: this is the organizer of my dreams. I enter my to do list by both project and location. For example, drop off files at college in north end of town. Omnifocus will sort my tasks by location, or project, or due date. Super easy to use and learn and I am really happy with it. Not free.

iconicon ShapeWriter Pro: type without lifting your finger. The program interprets your tracings into words and is remarkably accurate and easy to use. Free trial and/or 9.99 purchase. Huge WOW factor.

iconShoppericon: easy-to use grocery list with categories and a 'note' feature to remind yourself to use that coupon you've been carrying around or to record prices.

iconMemory Stick: lets you use your iTouch as a wireless spare hard drive.



iconGoogleEarthicon: you need this on your home computer too. If you ignore the rest of this list, fine, but you need to go get GoogleEarth.


iconSimple GPS: attaches the current location of your iTouch to whatever app you are using: GoogleEarth, Twitter, whatever you wish.

icon If Found, please: displays your contact info and a plea for the return of your iTouch should someone find it.

icon myLite: turns your iTouch into a SOS flashlight, or just a regular flashlight.

iconWiFinder: finds WiFi and hooks you up.

iconTweetie: basically Twitter for the iTouch. Tweet and be tweeted.

iconFacebook: add Facebook on your iTouch.

These are all available through your iTunes App Store.

So, I ask you, what did I miss?

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