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Friday Poetry is here!

This week, Friday Poetry is hosted right here.

Because I have small children that require food and cuddles and attention every 2.5 minutes, the round-up will happen in fits and spurts throughout the weekend. Probably I'll have it done just in time for y'all to lose interest and move on to other things.

Sharing originals:
Lisa Chellman has contributed an original poem, "_dent_ty Theft"
Laura Shovan shares original poems by both of her kids. One is a personification poem inspired by Calef Brown's "The Runaway Waffle." The other is a metaphor poem, "My Family is a Snare Drum."
Wild Rose Reader (Original Winter Poems)
Jill Corcoran (Original Poem)
Schelle shares an original poem inspired by Monday's Poetry Stretch: Dragonfly.
David E at fomagrams has surprised himself that he is writing poems instead of showcasing others; he is sharing one with us that captures a moment from the inauguration.

Speciality poems:
Susan Writes (poetry from incarcerated teens)
Laura Salas (15 Words or Less

Silly poems
Jama is in today with "This Little Piggy Went to Market" which she paired with roast beef sandwiches for lunch :)!
Janet (C is for Cookie)
Nandini (The Walrus and the Carpenter)

Seasonal poems:
Wild Rose Reader (Original Winter Poems)
Becky at Farm School (Phyllis McGinley on January)
Tiel Aisha Ansari (Winter Geese)
Shelf Elf (A Dust of Snow)
Fiddle posted, in honor of a son's birthday and at his request, Snow in the Suburbs by Thomas Hardy.

Furry Poems
Mary Lee asks us if we too harbor a secret Dog Wish.

Billy Collins
Kurious Kitty talks about Billy Collins\' Ballistics
Yat-Yee (Billy Collins)

Elizabeth Alexander
Julie Larios has a poem by Katha Pollitt over at The Drift Record, plus a few thoughts about Elizabeth Alexander's "Praise Song for the Day."
MotherReader (video of Elizabeth Alexander with Stephen Colbert)

About writing
Carol Wilcox's poem this week is in honor of two YA librarians from Greenwich, CT.
Jenny ( a first time participant) shares a poem about Re-Reading Frost

Not poetry - but about poetry
Just One More Book! Children's Book Podcast (Falling For Rapunzel)

Not yet sorted
John Mutford shares a Langston Hughes.
Jennifer Knoblock at Ink for Lit shares the poetry behind a couple of favorite hymns.

Stacey (I left my head)
Sara Lewis Holmes (Tales From Outer Suburbia)
Tricia (The Seedling by Paul Laurence Dunbar)
cloudscome (e.e. cummings)
Laura Salas (Bling, by The Killers)
Stenhouse Publishers (Flight to Limbo)
Sylvia (Remembering friends)
Kelly Polark
Mike Thomson (Suheir Hammad)
Chicken Spaghetti (Phyllis McGinley)
Tracie Zimmer
Blue Rose Girls (Children of Our Era by Wislawa Szymborska)
Karen Edmisten shares some Updike, who passed away earlier this week.
Little Willow
Angela Redden
Liz in Ink -- Patchen
Mary Ann Scheuer
Kelly Fineman (epigrams)
Jennie (The Red Wheelbarrow)
Sweetness and Light (Poe and Burns)
Miss Erin (hope)
Barbara of the Write Sisters shares a poem of Harold Pinter
douglas florian
Christy Lenzi
Sarah (thereadingzone)
Tabatha (the Paradelle)

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edited to add that I may just get real sick and never actually finish formating this and that I bet no one notices or cares. Am I wrong about this?

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