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iFlipr and Prima Latina Flashcards

If you are using the Prima Latina curriculum for your kids' home-schooling, and if you have an iTouch or an iPhone, you can get the iFlipricon application for about $5 and use our Prima Latina flashcards. No more paper cards to make and carry around.


Of course you an use this flashcard application for iPhone or iTouch for anything you want to learn, as you get to enter the data yourself, or use someone else's cards. If you want to use our flashcards, here is the link to Prima Latina flashcards Chapters 1-3 with more chapters to follow.

Anytime we have downtime and I have my iTouch, (which is ALWAYS because I LOVE IT and it is SHINY and NIFTY and I LOVE IT -- oh, sorry), anyway, when I am not flipping out, we can do our Latin flashcards.



Anonymous said...

Just another reason I "wish" I had an iPhone! What a wonderful idea!!!

Anonymous said...

This is soooooooo cool! I wish I had these when we used PL. But, now I have an excuse to get one of these i-touch phones so that I can use this flashcard "tool". I LOVE it! It's on next year's school budget list.

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Anonymous said...

nice post..wanted to share some flashcards which I have found interesting.