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canning know how

As the season moves forward, I'll try to share my canning know-how with you. In the meantime, enjoy these:

:: The Simple Woman's Cannery. Currently she is featuring a very helpful post on Pressure Canners.

:: Canned Laughter She has a nice quick pickle recipe up right now.

What are your favorite canning blogs?



Rachael said...

Oh, this is great! My sister and I made TONS of canned dill pickles last year, but never having done it before, we followed some bad advice and used apple cider vinegar and they are nice and crispy but we don't like the taste. I just bookmarked the link for the one you posted. THANKS.

Sandy said...

canning - like going to the store and getting them 3 for $1? I am all about that - be thankful for your fresh/canned produce!!