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uses for whey

I'm back in the dairy mode again. Yesterday I made crème fraîche and yogurt; today I made mozzarella, ricotta, and ice-cream. So, I now have nearly a gallon of whey sitting in my fridge. I'm assembling a list of uses for whey and hoping that you will contribute some ideas.

Make Mysost.

Use instead of water for bread-baking, rice, pasta, marinades, anything that calls for water (except tea or coffee I would guess).

Make panir cheese, though this does leave you with more whey.

Feed it to the dogs.

Take a bath in it.

Mix it up with cocoa powder and a banana in the blender. We like this one.



Excitedforcurds said...

I have been trying to make cheese lately and I didn't know what to do with all the whey. Thank you for actually having usful info.

Excitedforcurds said...

How do you get you curd to come out dry enough to make mazzerella? I do the whole straining thing and letting it hang in cheesecloth overnight int he fridge, but it still comes out more like ricotta and cannot be kneaded. It tastes great and I have used it inplace of cream cheese severalt times, but I really want to make mozzerella.

Suzanne said...

You can't make mozzarella after it has become ricotta. The mozzarella
process happens right after curds form and while it is all still hot. In
fact, you have to keep reheating it.