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Sunday Garden Tour

This is starting to be a pattern. I head out to take pics of the garden for the Sunday Garden Tour, note the chives, take a picture of them, head on the garden and get distracted with slug-hunting, weeding etc. So here, for your enjoyment, are my chives, again.

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cloudscome said...

I just love chives!! Mine have finished blooming and I cut them back. My parsley is the one I could take pictures of every day. It is so beautiful I can't resist it. On Sunday I had my parents and brother over for burgers and made a fabulous Greek salad with gluten free pasta and basil and oregano from my garden. Yum!

Thanks for joining the garden tour.

Charlotte said...

And very nice chives they are!

LisaC said...

I can't pick the chives fast enough, so I quit trying. They are so lovely when in bloom. Years ago someone planted some in my garden and every year they threaten to take over. I use them as much as I can, but attempts at preserving them have proven useless.

Suzanne said...

LisaC, the blossoms are lovely in egg salad and also make a very pretty vinegar.