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eeps deja ju

Remember the class I didn't know I was teaching? It happened again. Good thing I had already canceled my outing for today as I am feeling poorly. It's even worse this time: last time I got a week's notice; this time class started last Thursday.

The good news is that I'll get a wee bit of money for the class. It only has 3 students so the pay will be slashed, but every little bit helps, and it is a course I enjoy: American Literature.


Kate said...

HOW does this keep happening? ;>

Suzanne said...

Good question Kate - all the community colleges in my state offer the same on-line courses administered centrally. The sections auto-fill as students enroll. About ten days before the first day of class - and again about five days, I check in to see the enrollment levels. If there are several empty sections ahead of mine, I do not expect my section to fill. Apparently I need to revise this expectation.

What happened this time is that on two campuses the face-to-face class was under-enrolled and canceled at the last minute, thus dropping students into our system.

It actually works out nicely for the students, as I can hardly be uber-strict with deadlines for the rest of the quarter.